RAPIGAIN is safe and effective balanced formula to faster weight gain, by Increasing muscle mass, Muscle gain can be achieved with appropriate workout and balanced diet, where energy contribution from macro nutrients in such a manner that energy from protein should be approx 12-15%, while 15-30% and energy from fat and approx. 65 to 75% energy from carbohydrate. Micronutrient should be as per RDA levels should be added.
    RAPIGAIN weight gainer is well balance formula and balanced with complex and simple carbohydrates to yield 75% energy so offers excellent protein sparing effect, Body building food Protein offers 15% energy and because it is balanced with adequate carbohydrate offers faster muscle gain, Energy from Fat is minimum 10% which is adequate for normal functioning of body and to support muscle gain but not to get fat mass.
    Protein in RAPIGAIN Weight gainer is of High Quality (High biological value, High PDCASS) protein. Regular use of Weight Gainer helps to gain muscle mass with workout.
    RAPIGAIN Weight Gainer is free from any drug, banned substance or any substance harmful for body.

    • High Calories per serving
    • 30.6 g. High Quality Protein per serving
    • Well balanced blend of amino acids of protein
    • Low fat
    • Enriched with micronutrients, Trace elements, Minerals, Vitamins
    • Support faster weight gain Fortified with Creatine to increase muscle power
    • Glutamic Acid     6.3 g per Serving 
    • Essential Amino Acids  11.5 g per serving
    • BCAA - 6 g per serving
    • Creatine: 5 g per serving