• PureWhey

    Product Description:
    Whey protein is considered as anabolic protein because of its property of muscles gain by various biochemical pathways like m-tor pathway.

    Quality of whey is most superior due to high biological value, high nitrogen protein utilization and fast digestion and absorption.

    SANE Pure Whey is made from high quality micronized whey import from America.

    • High Quality Whey Protein for faster Results
    • High in Essential Amino Acids: approx. 30 percent
    • High in Branched Chain Amino Acids: 16 percent
    • High in Glutamic Acid: 11 percent​


    Packings: 1 Kg & 2 Kg Jar
    Serving Size : 1 Scoop of approx 35 g

    Complete Whey